Getting Prepared for Mt Kilimanjaro: Interview Training ​

Preparing for this programme will be like preparing to climb Mt Kilimanjaro - you have to train hard if you're going to make it. We've hosted a number of training sessions over the past few weeks with David Rush (Templar Advisors) and other guests who have taken the time to share their expertise. 

Please make sure you watch as many as you can before your interview.

Preparing for your Interview: Top Tips, Recommendations and Stories from Experts

An Interview with Alison Hemmings

An Interview with Lindsey Larrabee

Authoritative Delivery and Presence

Interview 101

An Interview with Peter Swain

Top Tips: Interviewing Remotely

An Interview with Ralph Jardine

Communication Drivers

Watch the Full Webinars (90 minutes each)

Interview Skills Training Session III: (2 November 2020)

This training session with David Rush covers: 

  • Effective Dialogue / Handling Q&A / Active Listening

  • Brand Management / Social Media

  • Mastering Nerves

Interview Skills Training Session II (26 October)

This training session with David Rush Covers

  • Interview 101 - Everything you need to know about how to interview with confidence

  • Virtual Communication - Online interviews require extra skills

  • Conversational Model - the nuances of how to deliver great communication: Pace, Body Language, Spoken Language and Eye-Contact

  • Q&A throughout 

Interview Skills Training Session I (12 October)

This training session with David Rush covers:

  • High impact communication

  • Interview skills 101

  • Why you? What are your differentiators, challenges, strengths, weaknesses?

  • Effective dialogue and how to handle Q&A

  • Your personal brand