Welcome to the 100Black Interns Summer 2021 Programme

We experienced huge success with our inaugural 100 Black Interns campaign, where we have partnered with 200 Investment Management firms, all agreeing to take on one intern in their investment teams over the summer of 2021.

  • We received 2,165 eligible applications from black students across the UK

  • Interviews have now concluded with 200 firms making an amazing 360 offers

    • The majority of firms doubled their commitment of one internship, and ended up taking on two. Some firms went as far as hiring up to six interns, with one firm making 12 internship offers for summer 2021!

  • 41% of applications were from those identifying as female vs 44% of our offers. (Double the normal rate of 20% in Investment Management)

  • 59% of applications were from students from non-Russell Group universities vs 38% of our offers

The 2021 Training Programme - Climbing Kilimanjaro - is now underway, so click here to join the training.

Thank you to all of the participating firms for helping make this Programme possible.

Participating Firms